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Paul Ryan
  House Speaker Paul Ryan Weekly Briefing  CSPAN  February 11, 2016 7:08pm-7:21pm EST

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speaker first, with regards to the crisis in flint, we want to make sure that nothing like this happens again. the house passed a bipartisan ill and keeping the public informed. as the chairman said yesterday, this bill should not be necessary, but it is. this is a good response. but second, we have moved one sanctions. h korean nd the president's strategy of strategic patience with north korea, it's not working. the president's strategy is not
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working. we can't be patient when a dictator threatens our allies with advanced nuclear weapons. they will cut off. one the big reasons is we don't want to allow china to write the rules. so this bill provides the tools we need to enforce the agreement we have. this is a big step and liminates the barriers and customs bill places a permanent ban.
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and one of those provisions that we have been extending. and not worry as this being taxed. so now, we are banning taxes on your internet taxes for good. this is a bipartisan house-senate conference report. this is important. and getting a bill and having the conference report and passing it through both chambers. this is called regular order. i'm very proud of that fact. last thing. while we are working to get things done, we are focused on holding the president accountable. graub.ontemplating gaub.s -- defense dent's
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secretary said it is against the law. if the president takes illegal action we will be ready to respond. the law is the law and it is just that law.
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>> and this it is a problem we want to get ahead of. we offset emergency spending. >> on the budget, you are having get it out sion and on march 3 and get a jump on appropriations. how much are you willing to wait to settle. the speaker: we never had a deadline and we want to do it earlier and get a jump on our appropriations process. so because of our schedule for 2016 and tried to get the budget moving earlier.
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i feel strongly about budgeting. and i feel billion getting a real working precipitations process. my views are very well known. and we are having the family conversation. this is not jam things down families' throats. what i intend to do tomorrow is lay out and give the members all of the facts.
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>> clearly my goal. again, i'm not going to have the speakership to dictate the speaker of the house. we are going to make decisions as a team and the members will help decide. i have my strong decisions. a lot of people have never been here for an appropriations process. the last time they were here was 1994. this is the power of the. and hold the executive branch accountable and viable appropriation process. and it broke down in both houses. our members are going to make this decision together.
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reporter: based on your onversations is there -- [indiscernible] the speaker: the vote coat count was overwhelming. four bills out and i think they have more coming and congress ought to work its will on bipartisan. i'm a regular order guy. whatever comes out of committee, i'm in favor of moving these things. proponents -- indiscernible] reporter: you are a regular order guy.
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chairman goodlatte has talked about that bill. do you see that coming up in the house? the speaker: i support chairman goodlatte. he has an alternative bill. i support his effort. you know why? that's the committee of jurisdiction. reporter: the propertyors have said they are willing to move forward. ould you let them do so? the speaker: in the 1974 budget act, you have to pass a number so the appropriations can continue and the budget is where you pass this number. do i want them to proceed? yes. we have to pass a bill authorizing them to proceed. reporter: do you have a agreement -- the speaker: we are in february.
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the budget is april 15. we are starting this conversation a month and a half early. this is the conversation we had last year over defense spending. every year there are concerns about aspects of the budget. this is no different than any other year we will have. we are going to have a family conversation. and they will be having a choice and we as a team will make that. >> no endorsement? [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by tional captioning institute] >> house minority leader held her weekly